What are the Benefits of CBD Oil

The popularity of treatment using marijuana seems to be growing only. Many consumers are looking for health products from cannabis extract which is called cannabis oil or simply called CBD oil. Many blogs, marketing parties, and social media claim that cannabis oil can cure various diseases, even cancer. Recently CBD oil has also begun to expand into various beauty products.

In fact, until now there have been no studies that suggest marijuana to enter conventional medicine. Only in a few cases of epilepsy, is marijuana the last treatment option. Experts also warn that CBD Oil and other cannabis-based oils are not regulated or tested for safety by the government or third parties. Therefore it is difficult for consumers to know more clearly what they are getting.

What exactly is cannabis oil? Simply put, it is the concentrated extract of the cannabis plant, Cannabis sativa. And similar to other herbal plants, the chemicals in this oil depend on how the extract is made and what chemicals are used in the factory in the production process. For information, the cannabis plant produces thousands of compounds.

However, the most popular belong to the class of cannabinoids. And of the variety of cannabinoids, two of the most popular are THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) and CBD (cannabidiol).

CBD is more than just hype. There is a drug containing CBD called Epidolx which is approved by the Food and Drig Administration as a drug for seizures due to epilepsy. And a number of researchers say the benefits of CBD ward off several types of diseases. Even so, once again CBD is still illegal in a number of countries, including Indonesia, Ladies. To use THC, you need to be careful because its users can get drunk. Because it is claimed to have many benefits, people use this cannabis oil for various complaints. However, it needs to be emphasized once again, research on CBD oil still needs to be improved.

There is still much to know about side effects and other matters. Because until now it is not easy to classify this one material. So, it is necessary to be careful about buying it. Whatever it is, consult your doctor first, so that the handling is known if there are bad things that happen.