What makes CenturyLink the best and allows it to stand out from everyone else?

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The Internet of CenturyLink offers several benefits to the customers, which makes it very appealing to anyone on a tight budget, including low prices, unlimited data, price guarantee, and no contracts. However, are these benefits enough to outweigh the drawbacks of ambiguous download speeds, slow Internet, and difficult customer service? Let’s weigh the drawbacks and benefits of centering Internet service and determine if it is the correct option for you.

Benefits of opting for CenturyLink Internet service

  • You will be availing unlimited data. You never have to worry about the data getting over.
  • A price lock guarantee. If you enter the land and $50, the plan stays at $50 to leave the services of CenturyLink Internet.
  • If you can avail of the gig or fiber Internet connection, you can get very high download speeds.

Disadvantages of opting for CenturyLink Internet service

  • The availability of download speed varies from one region to the other. Therefore, you should check with CenturyLink what download speed is available in your area before you decide to subscribe.
  • The speed of the DSL connection is not very good.
  • The customer service is bad.

Plans and prices from CenturyLink Internet

CenturyLink Internet offers two different plans: the DSL and the fiber gigabit plans. Both the plans are extremely affordably priced. However, if you can avail of the fiber Internet connection, go for it since it is a much better deal.

The value of the absence of data in the Internet plan is determined by the speed that is available to the customer. As per Centurylink, they promise to provide the fastest Internet available in the area, with speeds ranging from 15-100 Mbps. Thus, you can understand why the download speed of the factor that determines whether or not the $50 monthly plan is good.

However, CenturyLink does have a few issues like low prices, unlimited data, and a relatively large service area that can tip the scales in its favor.

Currently, CenturyLink is active in 36 states of the United States, including Oregon, Washington, Minnesota, Colorado, and North Carolina. Unfortunately, the services of CenturyLink are not active in New York and California.

Pricing of CenturyLink Internet

The prices of CenturyLink Internet are amongst the lowest in Internet service providers. When you combine the price and the price lock guarantee, you can avail yourself of the cheapest Internet available in the US. If you get stuck with the slower plans of CenturyLink Internet, like 20 or 50 Mbps, you should look for other options. In the case of the fiber Internet plans, there is no chance that you will find a fiber Internet plan that is offered cheaper compared to CenturyLink Internet. Some Internet service providers have jig plans like XFINITY’s gigabit plan. These are comparable to the price of the CenturyLink Internet fiber plan.

Data and speed

The Internet service provider provides unlimited on all the plans. This is the best part. CenturyLink DSL provides the fastest download speed going up to 100 Mbps. However, if you are living in a region that has fiber Internet of Century Link, you can easily avail download speeds of up to 940 Mbps.

Most CenturyLink Internet connections use DSL for Internet provision. Thus, if you compare the speeds that the fiber and cable Internet provider provides, it will put CenturyLink at a disadvantage. Compared to AT&T, Cox, and XFINITY, the Internet of CenturyLink is likely to provide slower speeds than what has been advertised. However, the fiber plan can easily keep up with the competition.

Limits in data

CenturyLink does not limit the Internet data that customers can use. None of the plans have any kind of data caps. Therefore, this is an amazing option if you are working from home. This feature allows for a seamless experience when you’re uploading large files, creating hotspots, or even streaming videos.

Fees, equipment, and contract

CenturyLink does not believe in tying up the customers in a 1 to 2-year contract. The absence of a contract means that there are no termination fees. CenturyLink only charges its customers for the installation and the modem. You will not have to worry about signing any contr, whichever CenturyLink Internet plan you availact. This means that you can use the services of CenturyLink for as long as you wish and cancel at any point without worrying about termination fees.


If you are a new subscriber, you may receive the recent modems of Centurylink. When you rent a modem from Century Link, you will have to pay $50 per month. Alternatively, you can purchase the modem for a price of $200. Furthermore, the drilling charges 59 for $99 to install the service and Internet devices. There are also free installation promotions available, so check before you subscribe.