How Your Business Could Benefit From The Green Economy 

The green economy has been one of the biggest buzzwords when it comes to business in the past couple of years. The development of the green economy has been a long time coming, and there are many benefits to its development, to international business and the planet. But what is the green economy, and where could your business fit into it? Could your business benefit from the emerging green economy? Here is everything YOU need to know, and how you can modernise your business to keep up with the emerging push for sustainability. 

What is the green economy? 

The green economy simply means that the worldwide economy will shift to keep green principles at the forefront. This means that investment and funding will promote green principles, such as reducing environmental risks and protecting natural resources. For example, all development will be sustainable under a green economy, and investments must not harm the environment. This could potentially direct your business down new avenues, and create opportunities that push your business further. There are many industries which are now benefiting from the emergence of the green economy, and you could follow in their footsteps. 

Which industries benefit from the green economy? 

There are many industries which are using the green economy to their advantage, but the main 3 are: 


The construction sector is crying out for green jobs as more sustainable building projects are being developed. Not only are new buildings in need of construction workers who are trained in green skills, such as insulation – but old buildings need to be retrofitted in order to improve energy-efficiency. Construction NVQs in green qualifications such as insulation and building treatments are going to be very sought after in the next couple of years as the construction industry becomes more sustainable. 


Food and agriculture are some of the key industries which will need to incorporate more green and eco principles in order to thrive in a modern green economy. For example, one of the major problems facing the planet is the amount of miles meat has to travel in order to reach the table. Cutting the miles involved in this process will be a key task for the agricultural sector, as well as making food production more sustainable. Food and agriculture are essential industries, so the amount of green jobs needed in this sector is predicted to skyrocket to meet the demands of the green economy. 


Transport is also a key sector in which green jobs are predicted to be needed. Transport systems such as buses, trains, and trams are an essential part of a country’s infrastructure – many citizens depend on them. However, these systems are not as eco-friendly as they could be. Many green jobs are set to be created in order to make these systems more sustainable, through energy-efficiency and renewable energy – such as electric buses. 

In order to prepare for the emerging green economy, it’s essential that you and your staff invest in industry specific green skills training so you can be prepared for the economic change.