Proxy: features and benefits

In modern conditions, it may be necessary to bypass the blocking of any site, not be left without access to Telegram, and also leave suspicious Internet resources without useful traffic. This may require proxy servers. They are capable of protecting the device from various network attacks, as well as maintaining the user’s anonymity on the network. On the website, you can select personal IPv4 proxies. They will allow you to increase the level of security when going online, gain access to content that exists in a certain location, speed up access to certain Internet resources, instant messengers, etc.

What will the client get?

Customers can count on the following:

  • Providing high-speed connection stability, up to 1 GB / sec.
  • Providing assistance in the process of setting up a proxy. If the need arises, a specialist will help by remotely connecting to the customer’s PC through the
  • TeamViewer program.
  • Support for Socks5 – protocols and HTTP (s).
  • Availability of permanent discounts when ordering a package for a long time.
  • The ability to receive a response from the technical support operator at any time of the day and seven days a week.
  • Choice among 12 proxy countries. In addition, you can select a specific city.
  • The purchased proxies will be available only for the personal use of the customer. No other users are provided.
  • A large number of networks and subnets.

Today You-Proxy has the largest network of proxy servers with over 400 networks and 800 subnets. At the same time, the volume of private proxies grows along with the growth of the client base. This allows customers to service.

What are private proxies for?

  1. Active promotion in social networks.
  2. Be able to place bets, play online casinos and gamble.
  3. Conduct various SEO activities.
  4. For traffic arbitrage.
  5. For botting in various MMORPG games.

In addition, it is ideal for regular users watching videos and using the Internet, as well as seeking to bypass restrictions. This is done by spoofing the IP address and passing traffic through an additional server containing cached data or additional protection mechanisms. Proxy connection, in comparison with the same VPN, allows you to connect to the required resource without installing special programs or software.