How to Set Up Your Own Facility Management Company

Many businesses search out facility management companies to take care of the running of the building they are working in. According to the folk at, facility management encompasses things like the maintenance and improvement of a building, ensuring occupants of the building have access to all required facilities, and that technology is present in the workplace. For many business owners, these are all additional requirements that would be best served by those with knowledge and experience in these areas. It is for this reason that prefer to hire a facility management company.

As you can see, there is a growing need for facility management in the workplace. You might therefore be considering setting up your own company to fill this need. But how do you do this, and what do you need to get started?

Setting Up a Facility Management Company

When getting started, it is a good idea to stay small as this will help you to build a name for yourself and gain the experience required to take on larger contracts. Look for local businesses in need of facilities management and aim to secure a few of these contracts to begin with. Doing this will help your business to grow and will give you hands-on experience of what is involved in facilities management.

Check out the competition in terms of what services they provide and their pricing structure. To get contracts, you are going to need to offer something different to your competitors. It might be that you offer a higher level of service or that your prices are lower. Whatever you do to stand out from the competition, make sure that your pricing structure is sound. If you price your services too low or are providing more value than you are charging, you are unlikely to make a profit.

What Can You Offer?

A facility management company has a lot to offer to businesses. It can take care of their maintenance, which can then allow the business owners to focus their attention on what they do best. The best way for a facility management company to build its reputation and increase its portfolio is to provide a service that a business feels it cannot do without.

The goal of the facility management company is to make life easier for the business owner and to make the work environment safer and more comfortable for the employees. Facility management companies can take care of the following:

  • Tracking assets and inventory
  • Maintaining the upkeep of both the interior and the exterior of a building
  • Providing adequate personal protective equipment for employees
  • Utilizing space effectively to ensure higher productivity from employees
  • Making sure the building is always cleaned to a high standard
  • Ensuring the building is secure and safe
  • Providing support services to staff and implementing technology where necessary.


There is a big demand for facility management companies throughout industry as business owners prefer to leave the management of their building to third party companies, freeing themselves up to concentrate on running their business.

If you are looking for a new business startup, facility management could be a fantastic choice. The key to being successful is to start small and provide a service that will help to generate brand awareness and establish your reputation. You can then gain valuable experience that will help you to land lucrative contracts in the future.

If you are setting up your own facility management company, make sure to check out the competition and try to ensure that you stand out from the crowd by offering a competitive pricing structure or a better service than your competitors.