4 Essential Plugins For A New Website

With managed WordPress hosting services, your website will grow at a very rapid rate. You will outrank your rivals and competitors. However, for this, you need to bring in and include some essential plugins that are the best website builder for the same. To help your website achieve its full potential and gain attention, WordPress also gives you the option to add features through its Plugins system.

Here are some of the essential plugins mentioned that you must consider while making and publishing a new website. Read the article further for a better understanding.

  1. Google Analyticator

Understanding what occurs to the website after you finish writing your wonderful content is much more fun than creating a site that looks pretty great and is discovered by Google. The WordPress repository contains a number of excellent free plugins that may be used to track web statistics and examine traffic. A lot of them are excellent.

Google Analyticator is the go-to analytics plugin. After installing this plugin, your website dashboard will display your web stats very nicely and in an easy-to-read format. It is a lightweight plugin that is easy to set up and won’t cause your website to load slowly. One thing to note here is that if you are opting for managed WP hosting, then this will be complementary to it.

  1. Duplicate post

Ensure you are designing the website as efficiently as you can, regardless of whether you’re beginning from scratch or transferring content from an existing website. Creating a new page and getting it precisely how you want it takes a long time and is highly laborious. Think about having to complete this process for each and every page and article you write. You can make a template page using a plugin like Duplicate Post, then build on it. This saves a tonne of time. This plugin can be disabled while not in build mode.

  1. Edit Flow

A fantastic blog entails enormous responsibility. Making a fantastic post and sharing it is really terrific, but as they say on the radio, you’re only as good as your most recent piece of material. WordPress has a number of ways for you to produce posts and save them as draughts, but it doesn’t provide you with a visual record of the work you’ve done over time.

With the multipurpose plugin Edit Flow, you can see a whole month’s worth of posts and schedule them for a few days in advance. It has a calendar so you can rapidly schedule posts in advance without repeatedly going into the post editor. This plugin works excellent for blogs with several authors just as easily as it does for sites with a single user who want to set up an editorial plan for the entire year.

  1. Jetpack

Jetpack is among the WordPress repository’s most underutilised plugins. You will require a free WordPress.com account in order to properly install Jetpack. Simply register for a WordPress.com blog and enter your login information to get this. You can install any of Jetpack’s potent modules that you want to employ on your website. Additionally, Jetpack is the plugin required for connecting your self-hosted website to the official WordPress app.


There are several factors to consider while establishing a website and selecting your plugins. Many inexperienced web designers have a propensity to overdo things with sophisticated plugins to make their sites appear nice. However, if you add the aforementioned plugins to the existing package, then it will work like the best website builder.