A career as a property investment appraiser is one that many people are drawn to. When it comes to real estate, appraisers are there to help. Agents, investors, banks, purchasers, and sellers all collaborate with them to determine a property’s true market value. This aids businesses in choosing the correct selling price for real estate they wish to dispose of. To become an appraiser, one must put in a lot of time and work and study. As a result of your job as an appraiser, you’ll discover that it was all worth it.

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As a property investment appraiser, your responsibility is to develop an objective and unbiased conclusion regarding properties’ market value. Countless transactions occur every day involving the purchase or sale of real estate, relocation, refinancing, divorce, settling an estate, determining property taxes, and negotiating leases. In each of these cases, the work you do in evaluation is critical.

A career in real estate evaluation is both enjoyable and educational. Where you go to school, becoming an estate appraiser has a big impact on how long it takes to get your licence. However, in most cases, you’ll have to learn the trade by shadowing an established real estate appraiser. Once you’ve completed your apprenticeship, you’ll also need to make certain real estate appraisal courses to complete your training. Fill out the proper documentation with your local licencing body, and you’ll be able to conduct your real estate assessments.

How to Become a Real Estate Appraiser?

The following requirements must be met if you want to work as a real estate appraiser:


Before you can sit for a State Exam in real estate, you’ll need to pass several required classes. An estate appraiser must complete 150 hours of training to practise in California. A live standardized test exam will follow these classes. If you fail this exam three times, you’re out of luck. If you fail to pass within those three tries, you must retake the coursework.


You can qualify for a driver’s licence after passing your exam. The Office of Real Estate Appraisers receives applications (OREA). There is paperwork accessible on the Department of Real Estate’s website that you need to fill out, as well as certificates of completion from any required courses you’ve taken. This is akin to applying for a real estate salesperson licence.


Be sure to inquire about becoming an apprentice with real estate appraisers. An experienced real estate appraiser will mentor a trainee or apprentice appraiser. Run a search on the Internet for “real estate appraisers” or a similar phrase to discover an appraiser who can train you. You can use the phone directory to find real estate appraisers if you want.


The OREA will set a day for your first Appraisal License exam after completing their validation and waiting time. You’ll also have to submit a Live Scan with your application. There are two types of live scans: fingerprint and criminal history. To sit for your exam, you must meet these conditions and submit the proof.


A residential property appraiser must be at minimum eighteen years old to practise. College or university degrees are not required for this position. You don’t have to be a college grad to start the assessment field. If you like houses, producing reports, and numbers, a career as an estate appraiser might be a good fit for you.


After completing a least of 2000 hours of experience in the sector, you can become a certified residential estate appraiser. You may be your boss, set your hours, and decide how much money you make. The majority of appraisers work for themselves. Because of this, there are many more qualified appraisers than trainees. Your 2,000 hours of work, as well as the level of work and your work ethic, must be approved by a Certified Appraiser (the person who taught you).


You can apply for a residential property appraiser licence after receiving supervisor approval, practising report writing, and practising appraising. Afterwards, you can finish your application and submit it to the OREA, where you will respond to the department.


Following your licence, you can apply to the bank, loan reps, and other financial institutions, as well. As a result, you will receive job offers. You can become self-employed by following the appraisers’ traditional business strategy. As a result, you’ll need to promote your service and look for potential customers. A real estate agent’s target audience is the buyer. Agents and title reps will have a distinct approach to marketing than you.

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Final Thoughts:

Professionalism in the sector will only get better as time goes on. When it comes to tech and industry trends, it’s important to stay up to date and always improve your appraisal process.

Efforts and patience are required to pursue this career path. It can be intimidating at first. Real estate appraisers must devote more than a year of their lives to education and training. However, if you put in the effort and do your best, you will succeed. And when you do, you’ll be glad you made a choice.

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