The Technology Myth

In general, the misconception about technology is that young people and young people are capable consumers over the age of 35. The technology era has reached the Baby Boomers generation and the X generation.

As a technology guru, I’m happy to dispel this myth. This gives me an idea of ​​how and why technology is used, especially when working with young people. I found that there are some aspects of technology that are not well covered in youth and adult knowledge and other basic skills.

There is no doubt that youth and youth are foreign articles. I can’t text the way they do, it’s all at their fingertips. Texting has been shown to change the minds of young people, making them more agile than adults. Once I was sure I got it, they could send messages via satellite.

Besides, their telephone connection was very special. The telephone is their life line and they use it to manage their time, calendar, contacts and daily life. The installed software can control, entertain, or entertain them forever, so they will all be deleted when you access the device. This cellular disorder is rare in people over 400 who find it difficult to understand the important role of the right new cell phone.
This phone is very popular as a means of communication in social networks. Young people do not have to use Education Info to participate, and many can watch videos or send text messages that do not require much skill. More complex technological problems – you still have to learn to use software.
I believe that technical success requires three basic skills, regardless of age.

Use your talents

Interests: If you are interested in something, you will love to follow it. If you want to know how to use this program, you have to read a book, watch a lesson, go to a lesson or find another way to study. If you want to improve your technical skills, there’s nothing stopping you from learning.

Talent: After teaching lots of people how to use different software, I’ve come to the conclusion that some people are more talented than others. Why do some people become better basketball players? Why are other chefs better than their peers? What makes you a good driver, cyclist, swimmer and writer? It is a talent. We may not be all right, but in some cases we can be. People who like to use technology usually have the opportunity to use it. They take risks, experiment with software and wreak havoc at the right time and most importantly, they are very afraid if something unexpected happens.

Application: I have taught software for years, but if I don’t keep practicing, I’ll forget about it. For example, I teach a lot of Adobe software, such as Flash, Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Indicine, Premier. However, if I am too slow to teach logic, I tend to forget quickly. Practice is the only way to stay good at it. The more you exercise, the better. The better you are, the more you practice.

It’s never too late to improve your technology skills. You will find that you can do it. The age you don’t see makes things different.