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He fled Berlin for Paris when Hitler came to energy in 1933, and after France fell to Germany in 1940, he escaped as quickly as extra, this time to Brazil. But the painting was left behind in Paris and seized by the Nazis. It did not turn up once more until 1966, present in storage at the Palais de Tokyo in Paris – but the method it landed there stays a thriller.

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Its murky journey is emblematic of the often lengthy and twisty road travelled by looted art to eventual restitution. Stuttgart flies underneath the radar as a vacationer vacation spot but it is a treasure trove of Expressionist art and works that exemplify post-war modernity. The situation challenges the centuries-old thought that each one great artists are able to envision what they’re drawing.

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His work is usually accomplished in Iceland; you’ll find pictures of beautiful landscapes and animals that stay in the wild. The homepage of the artist’s web site features a full-page picture of certainly one of her work, which is one of the greatest ways to showcase art …