Phi Phi Island, Snorkeling Paradise in Phuket

Hi traveler! It is the beginning of the new year. Have you planned any vacation for your family? If not, Phi Phi Island is a great choice to visit!

From many exotic beaches and islands in Phuket, Phi Phi Island is still one of the favorite tourist destinations. Only 40 km from Phuket, Phi Phi Island, can be reached via the nearest airports named Phuket and Krabi. From the airport, you can rent a boat from Phuket to reach Phi Phi Island. There are many boat rental agencies that can accommodate your trip with family in Phuket, one of which is Isabella Yacht Phuket. Instead of confused thinking about the expensive accommodation costs, since you came with family, you can minimize the budget by renting Phuket private boat charter. Phuket private boat charter is a large boat that enough for all family members. From the boat, you and your family can gather while enjoying the beautiful view towards Phi Phi Island.

Phi Phi Island, or in Thai called “Koh Phi-Phi,” is a tourist destination that is famous for its majestic cliffs. Besides, the white sand and bluish green water are guaranteed to spoil your eyes. Phi Phi Island is known as a snorkeling paradise. Many tourists are going to Phi Phi Island to enjoy the underwater beauty.

If you and your family are big fans of snorkeling, this place will become a paradise. The first place you must go is Koh Phi Phi Leh and Maya Bay. Koh Phi Phi Leh is an uninhabited island. Koh Phi Phi Leh has a beautiful beach called Maya Bay. In this place,  you and your family can enjoy the fantastic view of the green cliffs around the beach.

After feeling enough with Maya Bay, you and your family can sail a little to the middle to look for the right spot for snorkeling. If you don’t bring snorkel gear, the Isabella Yacht Phuket has provided it for you. Snorkel gear includes the packaged of Phuket private boat charters that you ordered. Moreover, the crew of Isabella Yacht Phuket will guide you to find the right snorkeling spot.

Swimming and snorkeling have become the main activities for tourists when traveling around Phi Phi Island. Many of the best diving spots in the world are on Phi Phi Island. The clear water and unique colorful fishes in this area will undoubtedly make you and your family stunned.