Offers Young Business Ideas You Can Try, As You Know!

Freelance blogger or writer

One of the young business ideas worth trying today is becoming a blogger. Only with the internet, computer / laptop, blog site, and excellent writing skills can you make good money on this business.

There are different ways to earn income from this business, which are:

  • Ad (AdSense or Free)
  • Collaborate with some brands
  • Be an ally
  • Sells personalized products / services
  • Selling courses
  • And others

Although most blogger businesses are for individuals or a small number of people, you should not underestimate their potential savings, you know. Because there are many examples of successful bloggers making over a billion dollars a month right now.

One of them is American blogger Pat Flynn, whose blog site is Smart PassiveIncom. Raditya Dika is widely known in Indonesia as a writer, director, celebrity, comedian, and others. Thanks to the work of the blogger, he lived through the early days of his career.

An online store

The presence of the internet has opened many new opportunities for us to do business. One of them is the opportunity to rent a building and start a business without exorbitant fees to pay the salaries of many employees.

This opportunity is not for anyone other than an online store. This online store, also known as e-commerce, is a very good business opportunity to operate. Especially for your youth who have a lot of new, modern and creative ideas. Want to know how to do business for other beginners? visit our site on business for beginners.

In an online store, you can sell different types of products or goods. You can sell clothes, accessories, shoes, shoes, hats, cell phones, and food and drinks to antiques. That’s all you can do with less capital, you know.

For those of you who want to run an online store, there are three alternative ways to do so:

First, create your website to sell your product / service. Beribenka online store is an example.
Second, create an online store based on your existing e-commerce platform. Examples include setting up online stores at Tocopedia and Buchalapak.
Finally, you can use social media platforms for sale, i.e. on Facebook and Instagram.

Become a reseller or dropshipper

Most online store businesses need inventory items in order to sell. So it’s not a problem if you don’t have a drophop retail product to sell.

Because in this business you need to market other people’s products to as many people as possible. If you have a product that sells successfully through you, you will automatically receive a portion of the commission from the sale. Therefore, this reseller and retail company is also ideal for youth employment.

By the way, in principle, the distributor and dropper businesses are businesses that sell other people’s products, but in reality, both companies have different operating methods.

If you sell products to other people while using the product company name in the distributor system, your dropshipper sells the item using your store / company name. This means that when you manage a supplier company, you will be treated equally as an agent.

On the other hand, if you are into the drop shipping business, you will more or less be considered a store owner. Although neither of them sell the products alone.

Laundry work

Starting a laundry or laundry business is a suitable business option for young people who live in cities, especially those who live around the campus area.

This is because most students want to be practical. They don’t want to care about this term again by taking the time to wash clothes once every 2-3 days. Especially while collecting campus assignments. Girl’s face!

Therefore, most students prefer to use laundry services around campus rather than washing their clothes. Now, as someone who is good at looking for opportunities, this position should be a place where you can work.

Trust me, with network capital and good services, you can definitely make a lot of money from this business. Do not be afraid of competitors.