Marketing Tips for Businesses to Follow in 2020

Marketing in 2020 cannot but take a new dimension because of the new normal that is now in vogue. With restrictions in many of our regular activities that ensure face-to-face contact, there is no doubt that an effective marketing effort must embrace online means.

Many things are now done online than in 2019, and if you own a startup or your business is already at an advanced stage, you need tips to maximize the benefits that online marketing affords. So, consider these tips to be on top of your marketing effort this period.

  1. Improve Your Social Media Presence

Almost everyone that uses the internet operates at least one social media account. As such, it’s going to be profitable to make your business present all of these platforms. That is to ensure that even if a person prefers only one out of the options available, they can always find you there.

The advantage of using social media is that you can readily engage your customers and communicate in a manner close to physical contacts. And because many of your customers spend a considerable amount of their time on social media, being present there means you continue to attract their attention.

  1. Take Online Reviews Seriously

As people spend more time on the internet and interact with your business representatives, they will drop their comments and share their experiences through online review platforms. As such, it is pertinent for you to be in their good books and manage your online reputation discreetly.

Plenty of positive feedback from customers and visitors to your page can form an excellent marketing tool, just like the opposite can also spell doom for your business. It’s, therefore going to be your duty to ensure that you meet your customers’ demands to the best of your ability so that they can rate you high on review platforms and drop positive comments. With these comments, you can win to your side more customers.

  1. Use More of Video Adverts

Game retailers and other business owners have long realized the benefits of using animations and movies to advertise their products. It increases engagement and allows your viewers to have a clear idea of how your products can benefit them. Why not consider these game retailer tips and see how you can adapt them to your business? The more you can persuade your customers through visual means, the better it is for your business.

  1. Give Discounts During Festive Seasons

We may quickly forget what people say, but we hardly forget what they do quickly. This saying is also true for the customer-business relationship. When you give customers discounts, especially during Hallowing, Thanksgiving, and other holiday periods, you write your business name with gold on their hearts, and they can be your mouthpiece and business ambassador for others. That aside, the process of announcing discounts and getting people involved will draw more crowd to your business


Marketing styles are not static; they often change to reflect the reality of the day. While it’s not difficult to understand that most things now have to take place online, how you go about it can make the difference. Our tips above will help sustain your business awareness efforts at this critical time.