Learn how to earn from the trend with Bitget Smart Trend tutorial. Don’t wait, start now!

Learn how to earn from the trend with Bitget Smart Trend tutorial. Don't wait, start now!

The crypto market can be a hazardous place. Traders worldwide buy and sell crypto 24/7 and one tiny oversight may translate into a costly mistake. To simplify things, no one can tell which direction the market is going and by how much.

Bitget Smart Trend to the rescue! With one subscription, you’ll be able to profit whichever way the market is going without having to keep an eye on the price all day long.

What is Bitget Smart Trend?

“We are thrilled to introduce an extraordinary milestone in our portfolio, our latest game-changing innovation, ‘Smart Trend’. This is a product that has been masterfully designed to break boundaries in the financial ecosystem through the skillful and strategic employment of fixed-income investments and derivatives, more specifically, options. This avant-garde offering is of substantial and exceptional caliber, ensuring an impeccable fusion of attractive, lucrative returns and meticulously thought out and managed risks, all the while firmly maintaining the security of a rock-solid principal guarantee.

When you make the decision to become a part of this transformative service, thereby subscribing to it, you don’t merely partake in it; instead, you earn the distinctive authority and capability to forecast potential financial directions. More than just passive participation, you get to be actively involved in the decision-making process. This foresight gives you an exceptional opportunity to maximize returns. The thrill of this scheme intensifies whenever the market decides to favor you, aligning its volatile behavior with your calculated forecasts or predictions. The joy you derive when the price dynamics synchronize with your projections is unparalleled, making the success sweeter.

However, what sets ‘Smart Trend’ apart from conventional financial solutions is the embedded resilience factor; even when the unpredictable nature of markets does not fall in line with your analyses, an unfavorable circumstance becomes bearable and even somewhat beneficial. This is because you are not left empty-handed. Quite contrastingly, you still stand to extract and realize some value in the form of a significant Annual Percentage Rate (APR) that gets applied on your investment during the final settlement process. This resilient feature ensures you’re cushioned in even the most unlikely and unfortunate of market dynamics. Precisely, the APR herein provides an assurance of reliable returns even in the face of incorrect predictions, adding to the attractiveness of this trailblazing financial initiative.”

How does Bitget Smart Trend work?

It works both ways.

You can either subscribe to our bullish product and enjoy benefits when the underlying’s price goes up, or bearish products for more returns from its depreciation.

All Smart Trend products will settle 7 days after they start earning interest and each product comes with a unique price range and APR.

Take our Bullish BTC Smart Trend product for example. Say it comes with a price range of $28,500 to $31,000 and an APR range of 2.00% to 4.89%. As a subscriber, at the time of settlement:


If the value of BTC rises above $27,000, you will be entitled to our guaranteed 2.00% APR for the previous 7 days. However, if BTC is trading between $27,000 and $24,500, you will receive an additional APR that corresponds to the difference between BTC’s settlement price and $27,000. In the event that BTC falls below $24,500, you will receive the highest possible APR of 8.16%, regardless of its actual value.

Is Smart Trend risky?

As a principal-guaranteed financial product, Smart Trend is able to cap its risk to a very limited range. Subscribers will be guaranteed a base APR no matter what. It should be noted, however, that since your principal is in crypto, there are certain inherent risks, such as the depreciation of the underlying cryptocurrency’s value relative to fiat currency.

Are price ranges fixed?

In the case of violent market fluctuations, we may adjust the price range of each Smart Trend product for optimal returns before they start earning interest (value time). It means the price ranges will not be fixed before the subscription closes. Once everyone’s assets are locked and loaded, however, the price range will remain the same.

When will I get my interest?

Your interest and principal will be redeemed within 24 hours after settlement time.

Closing thoughts

Bitget Smart Trend is the latest recruit in our Earn products, with a similar APR pattern to our Shark Fin product but a higher tolerance for the accuracy of your price prediction. By implementing a few straightforward tactics, you can use crypto as a dependable safeguard against market fluctuations. Take advantage of the Bitget Crypto Calculator, the ultimate resource for cryptocurrency enthusiasts! This advanced calculator is tailored to give you precise information and amplify your earning potential, whether you’re a seasoned trader or new to the game.