How to Order Custom Bobbleheads

Custom bobbleheads are fun and inexpensive ways to show support for a favorite team or sports player, but not all custom bobbleheads at are created equal.

There are several tips to consider when sending your custom bobblehead order and we suggest you follow these tips to ensure your overnight shipping arrives on time. In addition to overnight shipping, here are four more great tips:

Always provide accurate measurements and information. Many websites will tell you that you need to provide them with exact dimensions to receive a “good” custom bobblehead. The reality is that non-custom bobblehead dolls vary slightly from manufacturer to manufacturer.

One non-custom doll may have a head three inches longer than another. This means that non-custom dolls vary by as much as one-half of an inch in length so always provide the correct information when you place your order.

For custom bobbleheads, we recommend providing the exact dimensions of your head, since most are constructed at least one foot less than head size. For example, if you have a head that is seven inches long, go ahead and provide a head size of seven inches, even though it looks like the bobblehead doll is one foot shorter than you are.

If you do provide an incorrect measurement, the custom figurine manufacturer may not be willing to work with you, which could waste time and money. So always be accurate in your measurements.

Some manufacturers skip over every step in the process, making their custom bobblehead dolls in a third world country, or a third world country-Indonesian village. These figurines are often made without any eye sockets and are hand-painted by workers who could be living in poverty.

Even when they are sold for thousands of dollars, these figurines are usually below par in quality. It would be a good idea to ensure that all of the work in your custom bobblehead custom dolls is done right the first time and that every single component is made to high-quality standards. This will make sure that the figurine stays in great condition for years to come, and that you can pass on the great value of your hard work to future generations.

As you can see, there are a few things to keep in mind when ordering custom-made bobblehead dolls. Always make sure that the company has a reputable reputation in the industry, and that they can deliver on their end of the bargain.

Second, if you want to reduce the likelihood of getting scammed, make sure that the company provides a secure ordering system. You do not want to hand over personal information about yourself, or your business, to a company that cannot be trusted. Lastly, never order custom bobbleheads online unless the company comes with a full no-cost guarantee.

If you want to create a great marketing campaign, or use custom bobbleheads for an advertising campaign, you should think about having a custom doll manufacturer build you a custom bobblehead. This will give you a way to show your customers that you truly care about the quality of your products and that you appreciate them enough to go the extra mile to meet every minimum on your order.

It will also show potential customers what an expert you are, because you built the product yourself, and it was done right. This is something that many businesses forget to consider and is a critical mistake. After all, advertising is always a numbers game, and making sure your customer feels like you care about their business is an important part of increasing your bottom line.