Elegant Design with Stone House Atmosphere

Stoneware Tiles or ceramics with a look like natural stone has indeed become one of the gems in today’s modern interior design since the effect of natural stone can always provide a sophisticated and elegant look. Ceramic natural stone was chosen because it looks very similar to the original stone, but the price is affordable and the treatment is easier compared to the original natural stone.

With technology and increasingly advanced production, Stone Floor Tiles from Amber Tiles are supported by designers who always innovate to get ceramic designs that are new and unique. The following are various types of popular Stone Floor Tiles:

Slate Stone: Slate stone is a type of stone with coarser veins and darker colors. Slate stone is very appropriate to use as a decorative element for the floor or wall. These decorative elements have a slightly three-dimensional effect that can accentuate the color and texture of the stone itself. In the end, by using slate stone you can creates a harmonious and comfortable space.

Ceramic Primary color natural stone: The use of primary colors such as yellow, red or blue as an accent is often adapted in today’s modern designs. The use of natural stone ceramics with neutral earth colors combined with furniture or cabinet with strong accent color can make the room look alive and dynamic.

Natural Stone Ceramic Texture: The texture of natural stone ceramics is a good and creative idea to leave a heavy or industrial impression on your room. This natural stone ceramic with unique texture can be a decorative element for your foyer walls or your kitchen backsplash. It will give a fresh and youthful impression. Moreover, this natural stone ceramics can create a bright yet warm atmosphere. This is also suitable for use in the studio where you work since the colors are not pale and not too prominent. A good atmosphere is believed to stimulate the brain and increase creativity!