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Making money from talents and how to monetise it.

People are gifted differently and one shouldn’t beat their selves up if they are incapable of performing certain art with grace and style. The reason some may excel in certain sports or vocation is down to talent as well as passion and hard work. But no amount of hard work will compete with talent plus hard work. So, it’s imperative that everyone finds that particular thing they are good at and then maximise their potentials leveraging on them. 


Some people are naturally talented to be on the screen due to certain features about them such as composure, oratory, jovial and other personality types that parallels great actors, actresses, comedians, producers, music stars and other entertainment icons. In the music industry, there are different genres of music and no one artist can sing all genres, some artists are particularly good with rap, hip-hop, pop, afrobeat, and other music types. Another type

Facilities to check before booking a hotel room

The hotel helps businessman who frequently visits many places. For this reason, the role of the hotel is needed. The hotel can be used as a meeting place and a place to stay. As a businessman, you should consider many things before deciding where to stay.

The Best Lodging for Business Travel

Being outside the city with the demands of work makes business people need lodging with adequate facilities, especially that can support the work.

The following facilities need to be checked before choosing a hotel:

1. Wi-Fi internet service

The internet helps in communicating with business partners and others. Start from doing the work, up to making a report; all require a strong and stable internet network. So, always prioritize hotels with satisfying internet services.

2. Good hotel location

In addition to adequate internet facilities, the place of stay chosen should be strategic. Business activities are usually carried out …