5 Recommended Honeymoon Destinations in Thailand

Finding a honeymoon spot in Thailand is indeed quite a headache. For you often travel to this beautiful country, you surely know the romantic spots in Thailand for you and your partner. However, for those of you who don’t have time for direct observation, it would be quite troublesome, right? Don’t worry, Here are 5 Recommended Honeymoon Destinations in Thailand

1. Phuket

This island is one of the most famous destinations in Thailand. The island is renowned for its beaches, religious sites, nightlife, and luxury resorts. Want to rent a hotel for your honeymoon with luxurious amenities? Novotel Vintage Park is the answer. You can order it online at https://www.novotelphuketvintagepark.com/.

2. Koh Phi Phi

We recommend this honeymoon spot, in particular, is because it is far from the crowd. Koh Phi Phi itself is an island that is quite famous for its white sandy beaches, and also many movies take this place as shooting location.

Enjoying a honeymoon here must be fun! There are several villas and resorts with premium quality service, allowing you and your partner to enjoy some private time.

3. Koh Samui

Koh Samui Island Being one of the popular destinations for honeymoon, this island has a beach with blue Tosca waters. There are also many resorts here that serve honeymoon packages, complete with spa facilities. Bored at the resort? Try taking a walk on the Chaweng beach, Lamai beach, Lipa Noi beach, or Bophut beach! Koh Samui Island also has a Nauang waterfall, which you should never miss.

4. Koh Chang

This island can be your alternative for you who prefer an exclusive honeymoon atmosphere. Like Phuket, this island also has luxury resorts that offer a variety of adventures.

5. Koh Pangan

Want to enjoy a relaxed honeymoon holiday atmosphere but still romantic? Let’s go to Koh Pangan! This honeymoon spot in Thailand might seem simple. However, this place has romantic angles that deserve to be taken into account. Such as the Sadet-Ko Pha Ngan national park, Phaeng Waterfall, Ao Nai Wok, and Wat Khao Tham. Want to go on a culinary tour? Just take a trip to Sol Krung Thai! There are restaurants, salons, boutiques, galleries, and bars for you to explore.